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Your website as a sales channel

B2B visitors rarely just window shop. When procurement specialists go online to search for products, they are usually in the market to buy based on a current need.

LeadLab identifies these companies by name and automatically qualifies them based on their purchasing potential.

You find out which companies have a specific interest in certain products or services in real time!

Now you can leverage this information to focus your sales activities. Concentrate your efforts on the most promising prospects and improve your performance, efficiency, and your bottom line.

Company identification worldwide

Identify your B2B visitors – no matter where they are in the world. The B2B software LeadLab gives you a wealth of data, including relevant details and analytics for your company visitors.

Alongside company names, you can view contact data for department heads, mailing addresses, industry codes, and even the number of visits, page views, or the time spent by your leads viewing individual pages. Your sales team has access to actionable insights, such as product pages that captured your visitors’ attention, and can use this information to structure first contact with prospective customers.

Extensive filters

Leverage the power of filters. Find the most promising leads in your region or anywhere in the world – and see them in an intuitive, streamlined overview.

In addition to using company data and analytics to generate leads, LeadLab also provides extensive options for filtering your B2B visitors. Get a handle on high-volume traffic by filtering out your top leads and automatically qualifying them for your sales team based on relevant information such as ZIP code, products, or industries.

Scoring profiles

Drill down on your visitor data with customised scoring profiles for your sales team.

Specific metrics such as click activity and company details can help you categorise your website visitors (into A, B, or C leads) to gauge and compare their interest levels.

Customised reporting

Focus your resources based on customised reports. Have your top leads delivered to your inbox on a regular schedule with automatic email reports.

Customise the content you would like to receive in your LeadLab reports and distribute them to your entire sales team. Benefit from automated reporting with options that include leads grouped according to ZIP code and sent to regional teams.

Campaign tracking

Measure and optimise your online marketing campaigns – from test campaigns to conversions.

LeadLab helps you discover the industries and businesses that responded to your online campaigns. This allows you to get more from Google AdWords, banners, electronic mailings, and social media posts while also continuously improving these tools and integrating them in your sales process


LeadLab heatmaps visualise your visitors’ clicks.

Take advantage of heatmaps to improve usability for a higher conversion rate so that more visitors make contact, initiate downloads, or complete purchases. Discover how users interact with your site and optimise your web design!

System integration

LeadLab supports interoperability.

The wiredminds JSON Feed API lets you work with LeadLab data in virtually any system.

NEU: Sofortbenachrichtigung

Der Lead-Alert informiert Sie in Echtzeit, wenn ein von Ihnen definiertes Unternehmen Ihre Website besucht oder eine bestimmte Aktion durchführt (z.B. einen Download tätigt).

NEU: Die Mobile-App

Sie erhalten Ihre LeadLab Informationen direkt auf das Smartphone oder Tablet. Übersichtlich, aktuell und mit dem Hauptaccount synchronisiert.