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Our LeadLab software lets you identify your B2B website visitors. 100% GDPR-compliant. Increase your marketing and sales success with LeadLab

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The foundation for next-level sales

Lead Generation

Meet your website visitors

LeadLab identifies your B2B website visitors, including the company name, ZIP code, town or city, company size, industry, and contact information. This data is enriched with detailed click histories.

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Lead Qualification

Assemble your A-list

LeadLab lets you qualify your leads using custom filter options and group them according to purchasing potential.

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Lead Reporting

Fresh Leads straight to your inbox

With LeadLab, you benefit from automatic e-mail reports with individually compiled content.

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"We receive 500 potential new customers a year, which we would not have recognized without LeadLab."


Stephan Schäfer, Director Sales 4D Deutschland GmbH



Find new contacts for your sales pipeline

Receive new, qualified contacts from prospective customers with a specific interest in your sales activities.

✔ Grow your sales pipeline  

✔ Increase your business opportunities

Fast-track your new business

Get in touch with prospective customers at the right time, with the right product.

✔ Accelerate your sales cycles

✔ Adopt a more targeted approach

Get a competitive edge

Be the first to know which companies are preparing to make an investment.

✔ Approach prospective customers before your competitors

✔ Enjoy a competitive advantage with new business

Boost your customer sales

Use LeadLab as a customer radar for your current business. Identify cross-selling/upselling potentials and the specific needs of your customers.

✔ Increase revenues and profits for current customers. 

✔ Provide optimal customer support and strengthen customer loyalty

Extract more value from your marketing campaigns

Increase your marketing success while maintaining a steady investment level. 

✔ Generate online leads directly from your website

✔ Get more revenue opportunities for your business

100% compliant web tracking

With wiredminds and our one-stop analysis software, you don’t take any risks.

✔ Complies with all GDPR requirements

✔ Enjoy online lead generation and web analysis in one software

Optimise your marketing channels

Use our software to receive information on the target groups and industries that are looking at your website.

✔ Get a detailed overview of your success (AdWords campaigns, etc.)

✔ Discover new ways to optimise your website content

These customers already achieve their full sales potential