Lead generation

Recognize potential new customers

LeadLab identifies your B2B Web site visitors by their company name, ZIP code, location, company size, industry, and which areas the visitor has viewed.

Lead qualification

Identify and target key prospective customers

LeadLab qualifies your leads by using extensive filtering options and individual scoring profiles according to their purchasing potential and exact needs.

Lead reporting

Receive leads directly by e-mail

LeadLab creates automated reports for you, the contents of which you can compile yourself.

Mehr Umsatz für mehr als 500 Kunden

Unsere Kunden aus unterschiedlichsten Branchen wie Industrie, Software oder Dienstleistung arbeiten täglich mit LeadLab. Durch Optimierung von Salesprozessen und Identifizierung von neuen Absatzpotenzialen wird so der Umsatz unserer Kunden gesteigert.

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